Tamarack Biotics initiates Immunosenescence Clinical Trial with TruActive™ MPC 85

Fresno, CA, 2 Aug 2016 – Tamarack Biotics today announced the initiation of its first clinical trial testing TruActive™ MPC 85’s ability to improve vaccine reponse in the elderly. The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, conducted in conjunction with UC Davis, will investigate whether elderly Pertussis vaccine response can be improved through the use of Tamarack Biotic’s immune active protein containing product.

Researchers have known for years that immune response diminishes with age, and by the time people turn 70, only half generate the intended antibodies from a flu shot or similar vaccine. This condition, termed Immunosenescence, highlights a serious health issue for the country’s aging population. Bob Comstock, Tamarack Biotics CEO, stated “We expect to demonstrate that elderly people can remain healthier through the consumption of immune active proteins, which have never before been available. The TruActive™ line of products are the only food ingredients that contain these immune active proteins, which we believe will reduce health care costs by keeping people well”.

Mr. Comstock further stated, “the initiation of this clinical trial, with 50 subjects over the age of 60, marks an important milestone in our mult-faceted clinical trial program”. Tamarack Biotics intends to demonstrate the valuable benefits provided by immune active proteins for sports nutrition, allergy prevention and elderly health”.


About Tamarack Biotics

Tamarack Biotics develops and produces dairy-based food ingredients that retain more of the immune active proteins and other thermally sensitive compounds than any other food ingredient. Tamarack Biotics utilizes non-thermal pathogen reduction and low-temperature drying technologies that fully dry milk and milk concentrates into stable powders at temperatures low enough to protect the thermally sensitive compounds, while achieving the same safety standards as traditionally pasteurized products.


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