What is TruActive?

Tamarack Biotics produces the TruActive brand of protein products, which contain more immune active proteins than any other product available today.

Immune active proteins, which include immunoglobulins, protease inhibitors, antibacterial and complement proteins, are widely known to offer nutritional benefits for:

Nutritional Benefits & Applications of TruActive


Tamarack Biotics currently offers three TruActive products:

  • TruActive MPC 85
  • TruActive WPI 90
  • TruActive LTF (Lactoferrin)

All TruActive products utilize Tamarack Biotics’ patent pending UV treatment process that avoids the typical thermal pasteurization and spray drying damage to immune active proteins and other thermally sensitive compounds.

Dr. Kasper Hettinga, of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, recently completed the MCP 85 comparison highlighted below. As you can see, TruActive retains vastly more immune active proteins than current MPC 85 products.

Idaho Milk Products %
of TruActive
Fonterra %
of TruActive
Complement 5% 2%
Antibacterial 13% 17%
Immunoglobulins 25% 8%
Protease 21% 12%
40% 12%

TruActive products meet the same safety standards as other milk products, namely a 5-log pathogen reduction.

TruActive is the most advanced and pure whole source milk protein available, with intact growth factors and amino acids. Tamarack is a leader in efficacy and real science innovation
John Zicarelli
CEO, Nutristat


About Tamarack Biotics

Tamarack Biotics was founded in 2011 to research the effects of a novel low temperature drying technology on raw milk proteins. The company subsequently partnered exclusively with a UV-C photo purification equipment supplier whose process exceeds the safety standards achieved by thermal pasteurization, but processed completely cold. Tamarack recently received European Commission approval for its TruActive™ range of dairy ingredients. US FDA approval is currently in process.

Tamarack offers products under the TruActive brand that retain the immune active proteins and other thermally sensitive compounds that traditional thermal pasteurization destroys. TruActive products are never heated above 53ºC and retain 71% of the immune active proteins found in raw milk. Independent testing found that thermally pasteurized milk products contain only 8%.

Tamarack’s TruActive MPC 85 product was recently tested against other MPC 85 products and demonstrated 20 to 48 times the concentration of complement proteins and 5.7 to 7.5 times the concentration of antibacterial proteins.

Tamarack plans to introduce TruActive WPI 90, TruActive LTF (Lactoferrin) and TruActive Colostrum.

Two clinical trials demonstrated TruActive’s benefits for:

  • Elderly vaccine response
  • Therapeutic effect on Asthma

For more information about these revolutionary products, please visit our contact us page.